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News Index, Richland Center, Wisconsin 1855-1900

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Richland Center, Wisconsin Newspapers Index 1855-1900

Following is the alphabetical surname index to the pre-1901 newspapers for Richland Center, Wisconsin. These newspapers were meticulously indexed by Margaret Jordan of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Please note this is the index only. These articles are not online. Please contact us to obtain copies of articles. If you email a list of articles, please put the articles in order by newspaper and then by date. Price for a copy of the article mentioned is $2.25 each plus postage. Please include your mailing address with each request. The articles can also be sent via email, but still include your mailing address for our records in your request.

 As you check for your Richland County, Wisconsin family in the index, please keep in mind that spelling of the names was somewhat of an art form back then. So be sure to check any alternate spellings that you can imagine.

A Aankins-Allemeng Allen-Andress Andrew-Ayrle            
B Ba-Bancock Bancrof-Barroker Barron-Beckover Beckwinh-Bently Benton-Bixby Bixiler-Bocha      
Bock-Boylan Boyle-Brewbaker Brewer-Browman Brown-Buneit Bunell-Burnip Burns-Bywater      
C Caan-Carswell Cartay-Cheekpaum Cheeney-Claridge Clark-Clemmer Clemmons-Conestock Coney-Cornish Cornwald-Creeden Creedpom-Cyrun  
D Daacon-Davidson Davie-DeGroff DeHart-Dietelhoff Dieter-Doud Doudna-Dudelhoff Dudeon-Dzjenoswski      
E Eaddell-Ellinwood Elliot-Ewency Ewer-Eysnogle            
F Faber-Fink Finkelston-Force Ford-Fremont Frence-Fyant          
G Gaanger-Gibbs Gibson-Graft Graftan-Grover Groves-Gyer          
H Haan-Hand Handel-Harson Hart-Hatch Hatcher-Henrthorn Henry-Hillary Hillasine-Honxee Hoob-Huff Huffa-Hyne Hyneck-Hyslop
J Jabers-Jamer James-Jane Janecek-Johns Johnserud-Jolly Jonas-Judkins Judson-Jux      
K Kabacker-Kevin Key-Kling Klingaman-Kyzer            
L Laas-Leason Leather-Linch Lincoln-Lovell Lovering-Lyttle          
M Maas-Marlow Maroley-Maxwell May-McCollough McCollum-McGregor McGrew-McMurrey McMurtery-Meitsman      
Melam-Millburn Mille-Mineard Miner-Moog Moon-Mortimore Mortin-Myton        
N Nabal-Nobel Nobis-Nyylor              
P Paazigg-Peak Pearce-Penneck Pennel-Pier Pierce-Potter Potts-Putkamer Putman-Pynn      
R Ra-Rhitman Rhoads-Rlack Roach-Rosney Ross-Ryzer          
S Sabec-Schriver Schroda-Shaunty Shaver-Showalter Shower-Smitchum Smith, A.-Smith, M.V.        
Smith, Mabel-South Southard-Stayer Stayton-Stoel Stofe-Sutliff Suton-Sysch        
T Taber-Thom Thoma-Tillie Tilloa-True Truesdale-Tzeck          
W Wachter-Wallen Waller-Wase Waseburn-Wellnitz Wells-Whitcroft White-Wills Willson-Woodbridge Woodburry-Wytek    
X none                

















































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