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What's New?

8 Jan 2016: Updated hours & historian. cf
7 Feb 2013: Updated days closed. cf
16 Sep 2012: Removed sold out books & added dvd. cf
2 May 2012: Fixed broken links on maps page for 1913 & 1951 maps. cf
28 Apr 2012: Removed sold out book, (Sabin) from Books page. cf
20 Mar 2012: Updated RCHS yearbooks on Holdings page. cf
23 Feb 2012: Updated obituaries links & added Clary's, added RC cemetery link, updated research requests tab, removed Burdick paintings since they are on the pictures searchable link, updated closed days. cf
10 Oct 2011: Fixed link to Tim Stowell's page, updated holdings. cf
27 Aug 2011: Added postcards to books page. cf
26 Aug 2011: Added History of Bloom Township to books. cf
12 Jul 2011: Updated closed days. Updated one unidentified family, #8 to identified by Judith Johnson. Added unidentified pictures link to pictures tab page. cf
7 Dec 2010: Updated closed days. cf
22 Nov 2010: Updated closed days and added facebook like button. cf
31 Aug 2010: Updated books and closed days. cf
26 Jul 2010: Updated closed days on main page. Go to our FaceBook page at the link at the bottom left to see a picture of our display at the train depot/visitors center in Richland Center. cf
21 Jun 2010: Updated closed holidays on main page. cf
11 May 2010: Added links to 1919, 1931, 1936, 1949 township plat maps, village maps & county maps on maps page. cf
6 May 2010: Added historical township maps and links to 1874, 1880 & 1895 township maps on maps page. cf
27 Apr 2010: Added link to FaceBook page. cf
19 Apr 2010: Added Pictures page. cf
5 Jan 2010: Updated Books For Sale. cf
3 Jan 2010: Updated hours, holidays. cf
10 Dec 2009: Updated hours, holidays. Added link to Wisconsin Heritage Online, & Wisconsin Historical Society's Wisconsin County Histories
. cf
20 Jul 2009: Updated hours, holidays & Margaret Jordan's page in Links. cf
10 Sep 2009: Updated the books for sale & hours. cf

22 Feb 2009: Added a book & updated holidays. cf

26 Jun 2008: Updated closed holidays on front page and research requests information. cf

9 Mar 2008: Added another funeral home to the obituaries on Links. cf

13 Jan 2008: Updated books, yearbooks in holdings, closed holidays, & newspapers on microfilm. cf

11 Nov 2007: Added local information on Links, updated census holdings. cf

14 Oct 2007: Added link for Stafford Funeral Home obituaries, added closed holidays and dates for Christmas closure, adjusted microfilm, yearbooks & manuscripts on holdings page. cf

5 Apr 2007: Added Richland Place Names Index as a link off of Holdings/Maps. cf

14 Mar 2007: # of manuscripts on holdings page, Apr genealogy club meeting, and removed newly id'd soldier from unidentified page. cf

3 Feb 2007: Updated Books For Sale to include Honor Roll index, 1986 index, and correct Good Old Days author; Holdings to include Burdick paintings, changed Unidentified pictures link to Holdings page under pictures; added What's New. cf


Richland County History Room

Brewer Public Library

325 North Central Avenue

Richland Center, WI 53581


(608) 647-6033


Our Historian:

Crystal Foley


Last modified: 9 January 2016