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Richland Center, Wisconsin


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We are currently working in conjunction with Wisconsin Heritage Online and the University of Wisconsin - Richland's history department Professor, Aharon Zorea's history intern students, to place our entire catalog of pictures online. This is an ongoing process. The pictures online thus far can be accessed at:

There is a search box in the upper right of this page. You can search for a place in Richland County, a person's name, or the type of picture. For example: if you type Krouskop Park in the search box, a list of pictures referring to Krouskop Park will show. To look at these pictures, just click on the first picture. The picture will show larger on the screen. If the back of the picture is also available for viewing it will show Side 1 and Side 2 on the left . Click on these to see both sides of the picture. To get more information on this picture, click on the 'go' on the upper left after the 'item description' box. This will lead to details about the picture, including the names of any known persons in the picture. Most of the items on this page are searchable items and can be clicked on for a list of pictures pertaining to that search term.

If you'd like to order a higher resolution print or digital copy of the picture, please contact us. Photoprints are $1.50 plus postage. Digital images can be emailed for $5 each or put on a cd and mailed to you for $5 each plus postage. Include the file number of the picture you want.

Unidentified pictures of Richland residents (Please help us ID these!)

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Richland County History Room

Brewer Public Library

325 North Central Avenue

Richland Center, WI 53581

(608) 647-6033


Our Historian:

Crystal Foley


Last modified: 8 January 2016